The Cheapest Way to End Homelessness is Ridiculously Simple, According to the Largest-Ever U.S. Study

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What? The report's authors argue that the best way to work with homelessness is to identify the people who put the biggest strain on community resources and give them homes. Results are based on a Santa Clara County, California study covering more than 100,000 people over six years. Of the $520 million spent annually for homeless services, over half went to just 5% of the homeless. A separate study by a non-profit group, Destination: Home, found that 400 homeless who averaged annual public costs of $62,500 per person could be housed and their service costs reduced to $20,000 each. 

So what? As the nature of work changes over the next 10-20 years, this type of hard data will increasingly play an important role as government's re-examine how social policy is implemented, for the unemployed or under-employed.

Source: Tech Insider - The cheapest way to end homelessness is ridiculously simple, according to the largest-ever US study

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