In Australia, 3D Gun Blueprints Carry 14-Year Sentence

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What? Under new laws passed by the New South Wales (NSW) government, Australians who download and store the Standard Template Files (STL) files for 3D printed guns can be prosecuted and sentenced to a maximum 14 year jail term, even if the computer harbouring the files is located outside of NSW.

So what? The new legislation implies that possessing an STL 3D gun file is akin to illegally possessing a physical gun. It sets precedence for all other contested 3D printed items, such as drugs, branded merchandise, and other weapons. As 3D printing becomes mainstream, governments will likely use legislation in an effort to control the digital distribution of both legal and illegal good and services.

Source: All About 3D Printing -  In Australia, Digital Blueprints for 3D Printed Guns carry 14 Year Prison Sentence

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