Is Argentina the Harbinger of a Free-Trade Atlantic Triangle?

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What? Argentina’s president, Maurico Macri, is calling for: greater South American economic cooperation; more positive engagement with the United States (US); and, free trade with the Economic Union (EU).

So what? South America could hold the key to continued Western global economic dominance. The anti-Western economic strategies of Venezuela and, to a lesser extent, Brazil are crumbling. A new generation of South American leaders like Macri are signalling that they want to create a cooperative rather than oppositional role for their continent in the global economy. While Macri still faces domestic political opposition and a daunting national debt, if successful, Argentina’s ambitions could potentially create a new 'Atlantic Triangle' of free trade between South America, the US and the EU. This could give fresh wind to the Western-economic order in the face of alternative economic systems led by Asian countries and increased South-South trade.

Source: Foreign Policy – Argentina’s New President Wants to Change the Way Latin American Does Business

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